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Hi there! I am a freelance editor and writer with 5+ years experience in professional editing for fiction, non-fiction, and academic writing.

I specialize in developmental fiction editing and top-level feedback, helping authors unlock their narrative and connect with readers in a powerful, authentic voice. I am passionate about the craft of writing, and in my work I focus deeply on storytelling mechanics to correct the issues that can stall a book or make it fall flat.

On the commercial side, I have worked with USA Today Bestsellers, Amazon Bestsellers, and award-winning self-published authors. On the professional side, I have worked with University of Cornell Press, Brookings Institution, UN Development Programme, USAID, and the US Institute of Peace.



Detailed Feedback on Your Novel

So what is a beta read anyway? Basically, a beta read is a test run of your story. It's your chance to get your manuscript in front of a professional editor and get detailed feedback on what's working, what's not working, and what can be improved.

All authors, from bestsellers to those just working on their first draft, use beta readers to catch any glaring issues with the manuscript. If there's a major plot hole, or a paper thin character, a beta read will catch it.


Polish Your Prose

Published authors will tell you that editing is more than catching typos. A good copyedit can take a manuscript in need of help and polish it until it is ready to hit the shelves.

In a copyedit, I focus on punctuation, grammar/syntax, spelling, word choice, sentence structure, repetition and redundant phrasing, as well as flag any major inconsistencies or omissions. It's a major tune up for your manuscript.


Deep Dive into Your Story

Sometimes, a copyedit just isn't enough. If your manuscript is plagued with marshmallow dialogue (soft and squishy instead of crisp and tight) or if your plot is getting lost in the weeds, a developmental edit can get you back on track.

With a developmental edit, I provide detailed line edits to highlight areas that could be improved and comprehensive feedback on the storytelling mechanics. It is bootcamp for your novel.


Hey Keith, all of that is super helpful! I will rewrite the flat ending and make a few plot points more significant. I appreciate all your help!

Geoffrey Saign



Copyedit, beta read, or developmental edit


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